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  • Fashion & Styles

    From casual Sports look to pure Elegance Our beautiful G&C Apple Watch case gets an easy band switching mechanism, Allowing you to create over 300 different combinations of watch cases & bands.
    Easily switching between bands styles, materials & colors to achieve the best looks and feels for every occasion makes for a unique timepiece and styling declarations.

  • Vision

    Our quest of transforming the world's best technologies into something beyond the ordinary continues.
    G&C designs team created a luxurious case that allows you to transform your regular Apple Watch into a luxurious watch that you can wear in all occasions, Whether you are going to work, Party or your daily routine , this classic design will fit your style.

  • Design & Quality

    Made with the same manufacturing methods and precision as the Swiss watches industry been using for centuries,The Apple watch case, with its timeless design, will easily find its place in your watch collection.

    The Case is carved from a solid Stainless steel block, the surfaces are expertly hand polished by a master craft man to give the watch it's extra ordinary look.

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